What's a party without a pinata?

So for my 30th birthday, I decided to cope by throwing myself a self-indulgent party. (Another post dedicated to that at another time...) I also decided that such a party must have a pinata, and what better shape for that pinata than a T??

It was a labor of love, but so much fun and really, I think every party needs a pinata now.

Again with the iPhone photos. Oy.
 Careful planning

 Doesn't get more flattering than that. 

 The money and time I spent on tissue paper fringe. Yikes. 

 Starting to take shape.

 Almost all covered. 

 At some point between mimosas and birthday cake.

The original ideas from this came from different Pinterest pins. I swear I haven't had an original idea since Pinterest hit the scene.

Here are a few that I especially love:

I used old cardboard, a box cutter, a glue gun, elmer's glue, and tons of tissue paper.

You should totally make one for your next birthday.

Oh, and here's what became of it:




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