Violet Austen's Birth Story

Now that I've got this site started, over the next days to weeks, I hope to be posting about lots of lovely little things I've been wanting to share. So perfectly close to my heart is this post--the birth of Violet Austen Berrier.

My dear friends Devon and Jon invited me to be there for Violet's birth and it was an incredible experience. I will say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I enjoyed being on the photo-taking team much more than the baby-catching team. I was never cut out for OB/Gyn.

Without further delay, a sampling of Violet's birth story:

March 1, 2013


 Happy Daddy 

 Back rubs

 Here we go...

 The look of concern on Jon's face gets me every time.

 Almost there. 

 Oh. This moment. 

 She's been screaming ever since. 

 Those lips!

 Like looking into a mirror.

 That's our girl.

 Berrier Style.

Cheers to you, my sweet Devon. I'm so proud of you and so lucky to be princess Violet's fairy godmother! My endless thanks for allowing me to be part of this incredible day.




  1. taryn! these are such gorgeous pictures. the one with her single tear on her face just kills me. gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Yo!! It was an incredible opportunity to photograph.

  2. Taryn, I had no idea you were present for this! So lucky of them to have such a talented friend to capture everything - just stunning!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I felt so lucky. Let me know if you have another ;)

  3. Beautiful shots Taryn. Thank you for sharing with those of us unable to be there.