Fall Photos with the Berrier Babies

I won't be spending Thanksgiving with my beloved Berriers this year, so we had to get the Christmas card photo session in a little early.

Last weekend, my dear friends Devon and Jon helped me wrangle the babies on a windy day in Alexandria for some fall photos. Like all of the Berrier family photos, these were made so great by the styling that Devon puts into everything. There was lots of baby-chasing and plenty of runny-nose-wiping, but in the end we were left with some pretty little pictures of these cuties.


 Miss Violet Austen

 Two year old brothers don't like to sit with their baby sisters on blankets.

 Mr. Knox McHenry

 Dad is a champion leaf thrower.

And of course, the first son, Gusteau. 

Great job, Knox and Violet! Auntie TT loves you!!