My Favorite Party

I turned 30 this year. It was a great year--my goddaughter was born, I officiated my uncles' wedding, and I had my first first-authorships and presentations at national meetings. However, I still turned 30, and it hurt.

I knew I was going to have a hard time with this, so I started party planning wayyy in advance. The Pinterest board was overflowing with unattainable ideas. It was a sort of therapy. I decided on a mimosa brunch and cooked for about 30 hours to pull it off. Parties are never the same without all my friends and family from the west coast, but my people here in DC surely did a good job of giving me a great day (even though I was still in pajamas setting up at 11:00 am when they started to arrive...)

That pinata just keeps showing up!

 We had coffee, mimosa, and bloody mary bars. 

I was cutting tissue paper fringe for weeks. 
 A yummy homemade strawberry cake and strawberry shortcake truffles.

Jon wearing my goddaughter and eating a french toast muffin. 

 My pretty Devon a little under 3 months after having Violet. 

Dan in all his glory.

 A little UCSB love in DC. 

 My dear friend Laura arranged to have many of my family and friends contribute to a photo book I was surprised with at my party. This is me bawling. 

A little goddaughter lovin'
Here's to 30!




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